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Santa in his Pyjamas Sewing Kit

With Christmas on the horizon and thoughts of which gifts to make or buy for our loved ones, we are delighted to introduce our Santa in his Pyjamas sewing kit, which we feel, is a little special. You can see what's included in our kit here

If you haven't already declared "I don't have time", let me assure you that he can be completed in 2-3 hours, working at a steady pace. Of course you may complete him sooner and their is nothing to say he has to be made in one sitting, you could make him in stages if you have narrow windows of time when you can sew. We all sew at different places, what's important is you go at a pace that's comfortable for you.

We used this beautiful Tilda fabric for his festive pyjamas & Tilda's free pattern, which you can find here

Whether you make him for yourself, your family or a friend, he is something special and will be made with love, what better gift can you give them time and love.

Little Tips To Help

  • Read the pattern all the way through and make your own notes on the pattern if you need to.

  • Use a small stitch to keep those seams tight. On areas of the body, ie hands, where you need to push the stuffing right down it is worth stitching a second line right next to the first line to help reinforce them and avoid pushing through.

  • Using one large piece of stuffing for the head will give a smoother finish than several small pieces. However on the limbs you need smaller pieces, it makes it easier to compact them down to give the firmness needed.

  • Before applying the paint for the eyes and lipstick or blusher for the cheeks, test it on an off cut of doll fabric, you don't want to make a mistake at that point.

  • With the detail stitching on the pyjamas you don't have to be an expert at hand sewing.

  • Simply work at a steady pace and try to keep the stitch length consistent but remember hand stitching isn't meant to look like machine stitching. If you measure the gaps between the crosses on the front of the pyjama top, it will give you symmetry.

We hope you enjoy your Santa sewing kit!


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